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GYS Batium 7/24 (7A) Smart Battery Charger

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£148.51 £123.76
  • The charge is automatic/without supervision.
  • 50% shorter charge time compared to a traditional charger. Batium ensures an ultra-quick and safe charge, by providing a constant average current during "boost" phase.
  • Batium ensures a 100% charge on all lead-acid batteries* (IwUoU curve). A standard "automatic" charger, W2 or WU curve, charges up to 90% only.
  • Batium is a microprocessor controlled smart charger, that constantly analyses the state of the battery and regulates the charge according to the battery's needs.
  • Deeply discharged batteries that are still in a good state of health (eg : Lights on when the vehicle is stopped) could have a voltage as low as 1V. Batium can charge from 1 volt, whereas most chargers cannot.
  • Protection of the onboard electronics. No need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle. No risk of sparks or short-circuits and no current is supplied to the clamps unless they are connected to the battery terminals.

Charging Range: 15<130Ah

Voltage: 6V/12V/24V 

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