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Diesel Bleeding and Priming Kit 61961 Draper

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61961 Draper
£191.53 £159.61

Expert Quality, diesel bleeding and primer kit. Connects to a variety of different manufacturers diesel fuel systems. The in-line, clear connectors provide easy identification for air bubbles in the fuel system. Supplied with seven different connector types compatible with Fiat, Ford, GM, PSA and Renault vehicles.

Assists in the removal of air bubbles from the fuel system. Air bubble can be introduced to the fuel system in several ways including changing the fuel filter for instance. The air bubbles then unbalance the fuel and air ratio in the combustion chamber, greatly affecting the engines performance. This is because of the unique way in which diesel engines work. For diesel engines to work they compress diesel and air in a combustion chamber until the air spontaneously ignites the fuel. So getting the right amount of air and fuel in the combustion chamber is critical for engine efficiency. 

Therefore, when this occurs the Draper Tools diesel primer and bleeding kit is just ticket for removing the trapped air in the diesel fuel system.

The diesel primering and bleeding kit enables the user to connect to many different vehicle manufactures diesel fuel systems, by simply connecting the correct fitting to most modern diesel vehicles, including Fiat, Ford, GM, PSA and Renault.

The clear in-line connectors assist in identifying air bubbles in the fuel system, their so easy to use, just pump until no more bubble can be seen.

Professional and knowledgeable DIY mechanics will find this priming and bleeding kit invaluable when performing fuel system checks and diagnostics. 

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