Oxford Multi-Arc 410E Compact Mutli Process MIG Welder - Dual Voltage 230V / 400V

Oxford Multi-Arc 410E Compact Mutli Process MIG Welder - Dual Voltage 230V / 400V
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  • Weld 20MM Mild Steel

  • Mutli Process - MIG, MMA & Lift TIG

  • British Built

  • Perfect For General Fabrication & Agricultural Work

  • Duty cycle 60% @ 350A / 45% @ 400A  

  • Complete With Genuine Binzel Torch   

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Excl. VAT: £1,656.00 Incl. VAT: £1,987.20


  • Main features & functions
  • True MULTI-PROCESS CC/CV welding machine.
  • Infinite control of welding power allows you to get any setting.
  • Infinite control of wire speed with powerful 4 roll drive fitted.
  • MIG welding superior smooth arc with minimum spatter right from 15A to max.
  • MIG welding with reverse polarity gas less wire & special applications.
  • MIG arc start circuit built in to start the weld fast & clean without ‘machine gunning’ when you pull the trigger.
  • MIG variable inductance for fine tuning the arc to suit the job or operator.
  • MMA arc welding function welds all rods including cellulosic 6010 etc.
  • MMA anti stick circuit cuts the power if the rod becomes stuck.
  • TIG welding with lift arc, welds steel, Stainless, even thin aluminium.
  • Digital meter shows output amps for easy setting & for BS EN1090 etc.
  • Very simple to set up & use, anyone can use it in seconds.
  • Built in automatic compensation for varying supply & long cables.
  • Generator friendly design (no blow up on unstable generators!).
  • Very efficient design to minimise power consumption & give you more output for less input power.

MIG welding - exceptional arc characteristics on steel, stainless steel & aluminium. The weld is really smooth & consistent with minimal spatter & can be used for welding anything from car body panels at 15A up to structural steel work. The welding power is infinitely adjustable on the front of the power source so you can get the exact setting needed for any job. An all metal 4 roll wire drive system is fitted to guarantee reliable feeding of the wire. The output polarity can be easily changed to allow self shielding gasless MIG welding. MIG welding performance is superior to any standard MIG on all materials. Variable inductance control allows you to tune the arc to suit your requirements, this is used to minimise spatter and to control the arc from crisp through to soft. Lower inductance is used with thin wires for a crisp stable arc with maximum deposition & minimum heat into the work, increasing inductance softens the arc, reduces spatter & increases heating of the work. Built in arc start circuitry gives easier starting every time you press the trigger this is designed to stop ‘machine gunning’ at the start, this is particularly advantageous on aluminium welding as it stops the ‘pop’ & subsequent burnback which is the problem associated with MIG welding aluminium. We also offer a spool gun & push pull gun to fit.

MMA ARC welding The high OCV & built in hot start guarantees fast arc up & the welding is super smooth & spatter free from the thinnest sheet metal right up to heavy profiles. Built in anti-stick cuts the current in the event of a short down to prevent the electrode annealing & allow it to free off easily. All electrodes can be used even cellulosic rods which most machines will not touch!

DC TIG welding with true lift arc start so your electrodes last well. This is ideal for stainless steel, mild steel, copper etc & can even be used reverse polarity for TIG welding thin aluminium up to 2-3mm. The arc is super smooth right through the range & can be used for welding metal from 0.5mm thick.

Technical Specifications

  • Supply voltage - 230V Single Phase / 400V Three Phase           
  • Amperage range - 15A - 410A            
  • Duty cycle 60% @ 350A / 45% @ 400A                              
  • Fuse rating slow blow - 32A/45A 240V / 16A/20A 400V                
  • Total weight approx - 88KG                 
  • Wire feed system - 4 roll                
  • MIG wire range - 0.6MM -1.2MM       
  • Work lead (earth) - 3M                   
  • Mains input lead - 3M rubber        
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