Tec Arc TecFeed 200C CC/CV Arc Voltage Wire Feeder

Tec Arc TecFeed 200C CC/CV Arc Voltage Wire Feeder
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Excl. VAT: £415.00 Incl. VAT: £498.00


  • The TECFEED200C suitcase wire feeder is designed to add onto all types of welding power sources to give MIG welding up to 200A.
  • Ideal for small engine driven welders, MMA inverters, DC TIG inverters, MIG compacts, & will even add onto 24V vehicle batteries to give MIG welding.
  • This unit takes standard 5KG wire spools, We recommend using 0.8MM wire.
  • The robust plastic outer case means the TECFEED weighs only 6KG, the door has a seal to protect the MIG wire from damp conditions making this machine perfect fo site welding applications.
  • Max current 200A @ 60% duty cycle. Typical welding current range on MIG power source is 30A-200A (depending on power source).
  • Typical welding current range on MMA power source is 70A-200A (depending on power source)
  • Max input volts 110V DC
  • Very rugged case & internals ideal for harsh areas.
  • Standard Euro adaptor to suit all MIG torches.
  • Sealed case to protect welding wire from damp conditions.
  • Max current 200A @ 60% duty cycle.
  • Very light weight only 6KG excluding wire.
  • Takes standard 5KG spools.
  • Designed for maintenance & light fabrication applications. 
  • Lowest cost of any inline wire feeder.
  • Quality British made product.