Cebora Plasma Sound PC 70/T Plasma Cutter

Cebora Plasma Sound PC 70/T Plasma Cutter
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The Plasma Sound PC 70/T is a three-phase power source for plasma cutting of metals.

The Plasma Sound PC 70/Tfeatures the new CP 70C MAR - 6 m length - cutting torch, art. 1626, (with "on air" ignition, without HF - The 15 m torch, art. 1626.15 - will be also available) that allows to cut on a recommended thickness of 25 mm of mild steel (the maximum cutting thickness is 30 mm and the severance thickness is 35 mm) with outstanding cut quality and speed. Piercing capacity is 15 mm on mild steel. This is a powerful inverter plasma cutting power source with a duty cycle of 70A at 60% and 60A at 100%.

This new plasma cutter has several outstanding features that make it really unique:

  • multi-voltage supply (208-220-230V / 400-440V / 50-60Hz), with automatic voltage detection
  • user-friendly large (5") LCD display
  • synergic cutting parameters setting
  • digital pressure measurement
  • worn out consumables automatic detection
  • automatic torch type and length detection
  • "pilot self-restart" function selectable from the control panel; it interrupts and automatically restarts the arc when cutting nets and grids, thus increasing the operator productivity
    suitable for gouging, too
  • Plasma Sound PC 70/T, can also be powered by adequate motor-driven generators.

Designed for automated applications too, in this case, it must be equipped with the CP 70C DAR machine torch (available in either 6 m length - art. 1627 - or 15 m length - art. 1627.15) as well as with its CNC interface (with multiple selectable arc voltages).

The compliance with EN 61000 - 3 - 12 brings substantial energy saving and a wide supply voltage tolerance.


Technical Specifications

  • Input supply - 208-220-230V 20A / 400-440V 12.5 A
  • Current range - 20A - 70A
  • Duty cycle - 35% @ 70A/ 60% 70A
  • Thickness on Steel - 30 
  • Protection class - IP23S
  • Weight - 26KG
  • Dimensions - 286 x 515 x 406