Cebora TIG Sound AC/DC 1531/M TIG Welder

Cebora TIG Sound AC/DC 1531/M TIG Welder
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is a pulsed AC-DC TIG welding power source, inverter technology, featuring HF ignition, as well as a DC MMA welding power source. 
In TIG mode, the arc is started either in HF or with the Cebora lift system. 
By means of a first key, you may choose between DC TIG, AC TIG and DC MMA welding mode; a second key allows you to select 2-times / 4-times, pulsed / not pulsed, HF ignition / Lift by Cebora. By means of one encoder, you may then control the various adjustments of the power source. 
In the AC TIG welding mode, Cebora has implemented an adjustment of the welding parameters which is typical of power sources of higher power. 
With the remote control socket it is possible to connect the foot control unit or, alternatively, to work with a torch fitted with Up/Down control. 
In DC TIG, the current adjustment is possible between 5 and 150A, while in AC TIG it is possible between 10 and 130A. 
This power source represents the entry-level model in the complete range of Cebora AC-DC TIG welding power sources and is mainly intended for maintenance and repair work, as well as for small productions.
The compliance with EN 61000-3-12 brings substantial energy saving and a wide supply voltage tolerance (+15% / -20%).

The power source can be powered by motor generators of adequate power (Min. 6 KVA).

Technical Specifications

  • Input supply - 230V 16A
  • Current range - 20A - 185A
  • Duty cycle - 60% @ 110A / MMA: 60% @100A
  • Protection class - IP23S
  • Weight - 17.6KG
  • Dimensions - 207 x 500 x 411H