Oxford 270E TIGMAKER AC/DC TIG Welder - Dual Voltage 230V/400V

Oxford 270E TIGMAKER AC/DC TIG Welder - Dual Voltage 230V/400V
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  • Weld 7MM Aluminium

  • Welds Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Copper

  • 2 Year Warranty

Excl. VAT: £1,744.00 Incl. VAT: £2,092.80


Main features & functions

  • Super smooth stable arc from 5 or 10 amps upwards on both AC & DC
  • Variable AC frequency 25HZ - 200HZ
  • Extended AC balance control up to 95% - through to 95% +
  • Instant arc starting every time you press the torch switch
  • Electronic pulse HF (IT friendly so doesn’t affect your PC & phones etc)
  • Up slope & down slope controls for perfect weld starts & finishes
  • Post flow gas control for contamination free finishes
  • 2T standard torch trigger & 4T torch trigger latching
  • MMA ARC welding function welds all rods including cellulosic 6010
  • MMA ARC welding with both DC & AC current
  • Digital meter shows preset then precise A when welding for EN1090
  • Remote socket to accept foot control or on torch amp control
  • Very simple use & set up
  • Built in automatic compensation for varying supply & long cable
  • Generator friendly design
  • Very efficient design to minimise power consumption
  • Suitable for use inside or outside (site welding etc) (IP23S rating)

DC TIG performance

On DC TIG the high OCV guarantees instant arc starts & is perfectly smooth, stable & quiet right through from min to max power. The output power is set precisely on the amps knob  & shows on the digi meter prior to actually welding, when welding the actual value is displayed on the meter. Slope in & out gives perfect starts & finishes to every weld. Variable gas post flow control ensures coverage of shielding gas for the weld pool & electrode at the finish.

AC TIG performance

On AC TIG the arc starts instantly & is perfectly smooth & stable even at minimum amps. The output power is set precisely on the amps knob & shows on the digital meter prior to actually welding, when welding the actual value is displayed on the meter. The extended AC balance control allows you to change the AC balance through an extended range & is a really useful feature. This can be set to any position from 95% negative for maximum heat into the weld pool right through to 95% positive for maximum cleaning effect. By running a high % of negative balance the heat input into the TIG torch is substantially reduced & the heat into the job increases significantly. This allows you tackle those thicker jobs like heavy castings etc & its extends the range of the electrode so you can even run a 3.2 electrode with an air cooled torch up to 300A short term. The balance control also allows you to change the output from AC to DC – or DC+ output (reverse polarity). The variable AC frequency controls the heat spread of the arc, at low frequency’s such as 25hz the arc is soft & has a wide spread, as the frequency is increased the arc constricts to give a more focused narrow spread of heat. Again the slope controls & post flow gas control give perfect starts & finishes to every weld.

MMA ARC welding performance

On MMA welding the high OCV & built in hot start gives perfect fast arc starts on all types of electrodes. The digital meter displays precise amps values. The arc is perfectly smooth & stable on all rods from 1mm upwards & DC or AC current can be used. In addition cellulosic type electrodes 6010 etc can also be run perfectly, most machines won’t touch these. Many AC DC TIG machines won’t weld AC MMA, for some welding applications AC current is needed, our OXFORD models do it so well & you will find the arc is far superior to the old oil cooled or air cooled transformer types. In addition the AC features like balance & frequency controls allow the arc characteristics to be changed to suit each job, for instance you can increase penetration or reduce penetration by changing the AC balance.