3M Speedglas 100 Welding Helmet 3/8-12 Ice Hot

3M Speedglas 100 Welding Helmet 3/8-12 Ice Hot
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  • 3 Selectable Sensitivity settings

  • 5 User Selectable Dark Shades

  • Selectable Delay Settings

  • Switching Time of 0.1MS

  • Selectable Delay Settings

  • 2 Year Warranty

Excl. VAT: £149.94 Incl. VAT: £179.93


High-end features, low-end price from a world leader in welding safety.

The highly-affordable Speedglas 100 welding helmet has excellent optical quality, reliable light to dark switching and can be used with most arc welding such as stick (MMA), MIG/MAG and many TIG applications.

The easy-to-use Speedglas 100 is the ideal “first” auto-darkening helmet for hobby welders, farmers, DIY types, and maintenance or construction workers who weld infrequently but can benefit from the ability to always clearly see with their welding protection in place.

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Features & Benefits

Constant Protection
UV/IR protection shade 12 permanent
Variable Shade Welding Filters (100V)
Three selectable sensitivity settings: a normal setting used for most types of welding, a setting for other welders working nearby and a setting for low-current or stable arc welding
Five user-selectable dark shades 8-12
Selectable delay settings (100-250 ms)
Switching time light – dark 0.1 ms
Single Shade Welding Filters
Single dark shade 10 or 11
Selectable delay settings (100S -10/100S-11: 150ms / 200ms)
Switching time light – dark 0.1 ms 
The Speedglas 100V filter has five user-selectable dark shades (8-12) and a light shade of 3.