3M Speedglas 9100 Welding Helmet with 9100X Auto-Darkening Filter shade 5/8/9-13 & SideWindows

3M Speedglas 9100 Welding Helmet with 9100X Auto-Darkening Filter shade 5/8/9-13 & SideWindows
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  • Better Optics & Bigger View

  • Seven User Selectable Dark Shades (5, 8, 9 – 13)

  • Comfort Mode Reduces Eye Fatigue From Constantly Changing Light Levels

  • Side Windows - Exclusive Shade 5 Filters That Widen Your Field of Vision

  • Headgear that Shapes to Your Head

Excl. VAT: £277.61 Incl. VAT: £333.13


Optimise your welding safety, comfort, coverage and control.

The new Speedglas 9100 welding helmet features an all-new head suspension that profiles your unique head shape for a secure, stable fit.

More Coverage: 3M Speedglas have made the 9100 helmet deeper and wider providing greater coverage of the ears, neck and sides of the head.

More Comfort: Professional welders marvel at the stability and balance of the shield as a result of its lower pivot point. The new head suspension also better cradles your head, giving a secure fit without the need to tighten the headband as much as you would on a conventional helmet.

More Control: Welders will be pleased to see all of the filter options = increased versatility, greater optical control... and high levels of user satisfaction.

Features & Benefits:

Better Optics, Bigger view

* Seven user selectable dark shades (5, 8, 9 – 13), including shades for gas welding, microplasma and low-amp TIG

* The new tack welding comfort mode uses a shade 5 light state to help reduce eye fatigue from constantly changing light levels

* An extra large welding filter option – 30% larger than any other Speedglas filters


* Exclusive shade 5 filters that widen your field of vision

Suspension that Shapes to Your Head

* Two crown straps gently saddle the top of your head for increased shield stability and better weight distribution... and many other improvements based on our more than 25 years of expertise in developing and producing reliable and durable safety equipment for highly-discriminating professional welders.