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  1. What to consider when buying a MIG welder 07Jan

    What to consider when buying a MIG welder



    Whether you have entered 2021 with that resolution to learn to weld. Have that project that you wish to undertake where welding will be needed. Buying your first MIG/MAG welder can be an alarming task. There are many brands of machines on the market, some good and some bad. So let us look at the main points to help you choose the MIG welder right for you.




    Most homes throughout the UK have 240 Volt Single Phase. If you have a garage or workshop with 3-Phase, a 415 Volt MIG may be an option. Transformer based welding power sources have been around for years. These machines are Step switched on the amperage settings. The wire feed is balanced against the amperage setting to attain a smooth weld. It is important to understand that these types of machines will always run smoother when using a three-phase supply. The single-phase machines need capacitors to smooth out the waves in the AC current. The more expensive the machine, the likely hood is that it will have more capacitors in it and hence run smoother. If you are looking at this type of machine to do automotive repairs, it is essential that you get a machine with a low Open Circuit Voltage. This will ensure that you are able to weld thin body panels.


    Oxford MIG Welders are probably the best of the transformer type machines. This brand of machine offers the largest 240-volt options than any other make of machine. If required, you are able to buy a MIG with over 400amps to run on a single-phase supply. These MIG’s are packed with capacitors and are built in the UK.


    Inverter based MIG welders are now the way forward, they are lighter and more compact and are full of technology. The choice that you have with t

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  2. Femi Band Saws in the UK 28Dec

    Femi Band Saws in the UK

    www.weldingsuppliesdirect.co.uk are proud to have officially partnered with Italian tool manufacturer Femi to be able to offer their wide range of metal cutting bandsaws, metal lathes, belt sanders & saws on the UK market. Femi make high quality equipment for both the hobby / DIY market as well as catering to the industrial sector.

    FEMI tools are known for their innovative features, high quality build, consistent performance & great after-care. Value for money is second to none with FEMI, they may not be the cheapest but they're certainly among the best.

    We are able to offer on-site or in-house product demonstrations as well as working on a tailored solution for your cutting application in conjunction with the highly trained FEMI S.p.A application engineers. Call us today to discuss your requirements and we'll arrange demonstration, information & quotation on the perfect metal cutting bandsaw, bench grinder or sanding machine.

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  3. “Wheeler Dealers”, series 17 27Dec

    “Wheeler Dealers”, series 17

    “Wheeler Dealers”, series 17 of the hit TV series is now on the Discovery Channel. The series is filmed in the UK for the first time in six years. What better than a “Oxford” MIG Welder and a “Oxford” Plasma Cutter to help Mike and Elvis complete their restoration’s.

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  4. Paton Welders now available in the UK 21Dec

    Paton Welders now available in the UK

    The Pilot Plant of Paton Welding Equipment are a Ukrainian manufacturer of high quality welding MIG welders, TIG welders, Arc welders and plasma cutters. www.weldingsuppliesdirect.co.uk are now the exclusive distributor for all Paton Welding and Cutting Equipment for the territory of the United Kingdom. Paton welders and cutters have high quality components, outstanding build quality and plenty of features.

    You'll find technical additions in Paton welders that you would usually only find in high end industrial grade welding machines such as pulse MIG welders, TIG Welders. All MIG Welders are equipped to Stick weld (MMA). In addition to this, the accessories supplied are of super high quality and made by Abicor Binzel in Germany.

    So, if you are looking for that high quality MIG Welder, TIG Welder or Plasma Cutter, Paton is that high quality machine that you are looking for.

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