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SDS Drill Bits

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SDS Drill Bits & SDS MAX Drill Bits

What is an SDS drill bit?

To answer this question we need to know what an SDS drill is; SDS stands for Slotted Drive System. SDS drills are most commonly used in construction or demolition scenarios. Their most common application is drilling through hard material, such as brick, concrete & breezeblocks.

There are different kinds of SDS drill available and, by extension, there are different kinds of SDS drill bit. For example there are standard SDS drill bits and SDS MAX drill bits. The difference being that SDS MAX bits are significantly larger and tougher than standard SDS bits. Therefore, the MAX bits are more commonly used for masonry drilling when combined with a hammer action drill.

Our range of bits is available to suit both standard type drills and MAX type drills. We offer a range of diameters and lengths, from 3MM all the way up to 40MM.

Our range of SDS bits

We supply a variety of bits for use in construction & demolition applications. Our SDS+ drill bits have a solid carbide tip to provide precision drilling and added strength. The body is made from hardened steel to reduce or eliminate bit breakages.

The SDS MAX bits are high quality, with a 4 cutter tip that is made from solid carbide. This provides excellent wear resistance and excellent levels of performance. In addition to this they feature a precision ground flute which enables fast dust / debris removal and increases cutting speed exponentially.

SDS MAX Drill Bits

SDS Chisels

Much like SDS+ & SDS MAX drill bits, SDS chisels are used to chisel away at bricks, concrete, limestone & other similar materials. We supply 3 common types: flat, point & angled.

Common SDS chisels include:

  • 20MM x 250MM
  • 40MM x 250MM
  • 20MM x 400MM
  • 80MM x 300MM