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CNC Plasma Tables

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  1. Lincoln Electric LINC-CUT S 1530D CNC Plasma Cutting Table - 3M x 1.5M
  2. Lincoln Electric LINC-CUT S 1530W CNC Plasma Cutting Table - 3M x 1.5M
  3. Lincoln Electric LINC-CUT S 1020W CNC Plasma Cutting Table - 2M x 1M
  4. Thermacut Ex-Track Gridiron CNC Plasma Table
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7 Items

Are you interested in a CNC Plasma Cutter?

Welding Supplies Direct are proud to offer a range of CNC plasma cutter tables & CNC plasma cutting systems. We have the knowledge and expertise at our disposal to help you find the best automated plasma cutter for your business. We work closely with brands such as Thermacut, Mantech Machinery, Weldplas & Jasic to provide solutions to suit all needs.

We have a CNC plasma table for everyone. We can tailor make a CNC plasma cutting solution to suit any budget.

We are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of plasma cutting power sources. This allows us to supply a "ready to cut" CNC plasma cutter package. Our turn-key packages include:

  • CNC plasma table with built in torch height controller
  • Plasma cutting power source
  • Air compressor (where required)
  • Software
  • PC / laptop / controller
  • Installation and after-care package

Our plasma cutting power source brands include Hypertherm, Cebora, Thermal Dynamics, Thermacut & GYS. All of our brands are highly suited to automated CNC applications.

The software we supply often includes highly useful nesting software for efficient cutting, meaning less wasted material.

Installation of CNC plasma tables

We offer two options when it comes to CNC plasma tables - either self build or on-site installation. Most customers prefer to opt for the on-site installation option.

We can arrange for an engineer to visit you to install your new machine. This allows you to ask any questions you may have regarding the operation of the machine. It also allows you to ensure everything is running smoothly before we leave you.

The idea behind this offering is to show you that we back up the products we sell. We ensure you’re fully supported from start to finish. We aim to make you feel fully supported when you purchase a CNC plasma cutter from us.

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutters

We have partnered with a high quality European manufacturer of CNC machines to supply high definition CNC plasma cutting tables into the UK market. Our aim is to provide these machines at extremely competitive prices. We also aim to compete with well established manufacturers in build and cut quality.

What is high definition plasma cutting?

High definition plasma cutting is used to cut profiles or shapes from materials to a very tight tolerance, within 0.01MM. Our metal cutting systems run with power sources from brands such as Thermal Dynamics to offer the highest level of accuracy possible. These brands are known for their unrivalled reliability.


In addition to this, we can integrate a Water Mist System (WMS) to further improve the tolerance of the cut. When a WMS is chosen the cut quality rivals that of a laser cutting machine which can be considerably more expensive.

We are able to offer these machines in a wide range of dimensions, including:

  • 1.2M x 1.2M (4ft x 4ft)
  • 3M x 1.5M (10ft x 5ft)
  • 4M x 2M
  • 6M x 2M
  • 8M x 2M

We can also cater for all special requests in terms of table dimensions, features, training, installation etc..

The pricing of our high definition CNC plasma cutters is very competitive when compared with industry leading manufacturers such as Esprit. Our oferings are well priced whilst not compromising on build quality, cut quality and level of after-care support.

Call now to discuss how we can optimise and speed up your parts production by bringing your profile cutting in-house!

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