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Carbide Burrs

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Carbide Burrs for All Types of Applications

What is a carbide burr?

Typically used in a rotational power tool, such as a die grinder, Carbide Burrs are used to grind, cut, shape & de-burr various kinds of materials. They are aggressie pieces of equipment and should be used with care. Many different trades utilise Carbide Burrs in their day to day operations. Trades such as carpenters, leather workers, fabricators, gold-smiths & jewellery makers would not be without at least one "rotary file" in their tool kit.

Gold-smiths & jewellery makers use carbide burrs as die grinder bits to engrave or shapre softer metals such as gold, platinum & silver.

Fabricators and metal workers will use this kind of die grinder bit to finely shape their work, to get rid of sharp edges (burrs) from their work & to cut shapes from material for use on or removal from their project(s).

Carbide Burrs come in a variety of shapes, each used for a different purpose. These shapes include flame, ball, cylinder, tree & ball nose; the shape the user chooses depends on the job that is at hand.

How to use a Carbide Burr

A user must place the spindle of the burr into a rotational power tool. The tool selected to use burrs with is a die grinder. If you are working with materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ferrous metals & non-ferrous metals then the user shoudl selected a tungsten carbide burr rather than a HSS burr.

Once the burr is safely placed in the tool the user can then turn the tool on; the burr will then start to rotate. After this the user should contact the burr to the workpiece where the stock removal can be begin.

Our Range of Carbide Burrs

Welding Supplies Direct have multiple supply partners for rotary files.Our main brands include Abracs, Klingspor, Hole Maker Technology & Tyrolit; all of the brands we are supply are of the highest quality and offer great value for money to the user.

Our range includes all common burr shapes with various different spindle diameters.

Abracs' range of Expert ***** Carbide Burrs are manufactured with a double cut or "cross cut" design to provide aggressive stock removal and reduction of the amount of chips that are produced; this ensures precise stock removal. This is a feature that many end users highly value, and therefore Abracs' products are extremely sought after by many different trades.

Carbide Burrs Expert

** In this copy Carbide Burrs are also referred to as burrs, rotary files & die grinder bits.