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Welding Clamps

Welding Clamps are used to temporarily hold two work pieces together. The holding of the clamps helps keep the twos pieces of material in alignment. For the most part holding two workpieces together would be extremely difficult by hand, especially when working with large sheets or parts that are large in size. Welding clamps are one of the most popular welders tools. Keeping your parts in alignment or preventing distortion is the biggest challenge that any welder faces. Welding clamps make facing this challenge much easier.

There a many different types of clamp. We sell all clamps that can be used on a welding project.

Welding Clamp types:

  • C Clamps (AKA G Clamps)
  • F Clamps (Also known as threaded bar clamps)
  • Locking Clamps
  • Spring Clamps
  • Quick Clamps
  • Bar Clamps
  • Rack Clamps
  • Pipe Welding Clamps

The list goes on! Whatever clamp you need, Welding Supplies Direct can supply it.

We stock and sell Carver Welding Clamps

Carver clamps are known as the be all and end all of quality clamps. Their high quality and world renowned robustness make them second to none in the industry. Carver clamps are ideal for use in general fabrication, welding, machining, maintenance & many other applications. We offer clamps from Carver that can clamp up to a diameter of 2700MM (8.85FT); these are commonly used in the fabrication of skips.

We also stock Stronghand Tools Welding Clamps. They are specialists in Locking C Clamps, Chain Clamps, Pipe Plier Clamps & many more. The most popular Stronghand Tools clamp that we offer is their 4 in 1 utility clamp. They have a replaceable heavy duty clamping pad, a tapped hole for attaching accessories & a high quality build. Shop our range today!