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Grinding Belts

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Abrasive Grinding Belts for Belt Grinders

What is a grinding belt?

A grinding belt is an abrasive belt for use with a tool such as a belt grinder or linishing machine. They are typically cloth or paper backed with an abrasive medium bonded to the cloth backing. Common abrasive materials include aluminium oxide, zirconia alumina & ceramic oxide. For wood grinding applications SiC abrasive material if often utilised.

Users will make use of abrasive belts for many purposes such as stock removal, polishing & surface preparation. For instance, knifemakers will utilise varying grits of grinding belts for stock removal and sharpening of their knives.

Which materials can be ground with a grinding belt?

Practically any material can be ground. However, Welding Supplies Direct stock and supply a range of belts that are suitable for the following materials:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Wood-based material
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Paint / putty / varnish
  • Aluminium
  • Leather
  • Titanium
  • Plastic

Our main grinding belt partner, Klingspor, also boast a unique application for their high performance abrasive sanding belts. A massive potato peeling application in Germany. Klingspor’s abrasive belts “polish” roughly 60 tonnes of the field crop every single day.

Common grinding belt sizes

We can supply high quality abrasive belts in practically every desirable size. However, there are some sizes that are more common than others, for example:

  • 2000MM (2MTR) x 50MM
  • 2000MM (2MTR) x 75MM
  • 2000MM (2MTR) x 100MM
  • 2000MM (2MTR) x 150MM
  • 3500MM (3.5MTR) x 300MM



Examples of popular grinding belts

  • Klingspor CS 411 Y Zirconia Alumina: A high quality zirconia alumina grinding belt that is most commonly sold is 2000MM lengths. It is typically used for grinding of stainless steel, mild steel & other metals. The CS 411 Y boasts a self-sharpening grit, very good performance & good tear resistance. It is a common choice for fabricator & knifemakers.
  • Klingspor CS 310 X Aluminium Oxide: Another extremely popular abrasive belt from Klingspor. The CS 310X is primarily used to grind wood, plastic & various metals. It offers a high rate of stock removal & great tear resistance as a result of its cotton backing. Common users include locksmiths, wood processors, construction & fabricators.
  • Klingspor LS 312 JF Aluminium Oxide for Non-Ferrous Metals: The ideal solution for belt grinding non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium or copper. The LS 312 JF is one of Klingspors top selling abrasive belts & is most commonly sold in 3500MM lengths. They are easily to tell apart from other grinding belts because of the bright yellow abrasive grain. These grinding belts offer high flexibility, outstanding stock removal rate & a long service life.