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TCT Blades

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Abracs TCT Blades for Cutting Various Materials

What is a TCT blade?

TCT standards for tungsten tipped carbide. The TCT ensures high levels of wear resistance & good longevity for the saw blade. This type of blades are designed to mainly cut wood & wood based materials.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped cutting blades come with various number of teeth. The number of teeth determines the speed & finish type the blade will give. Blades with fewer teeth will cut much faster but will offer a rougher finish. Blades with more teeth will cut slowly, but give a fine finish.

In addition to being able to cut wood, some TCT blades can be used for cutting ferrous metals & plastics.

TCT blades stay sharp for an impressive period of time which makes them very desierable to users as they do not have to replace them often, thus saving the user money. Also, TCT circulaw saw blades can be re-tipped when they are worn. This is a service that we at Welding Supplies Direct can offer at a reasonable cost.

Common industry users of TCT blades include general construction, carpenters, fabricators & the automotive repair industry.

Abracs range of high quality TCT blades

Welding Supplies Direct offer a range of TCT saw blades from our supply partner, Abracs. Their range includes a wide range of diameters, thickness' & teeth configurations. Commonly purchased sizes include:

  • 165MM x 1MM
  • 184MM x 1.5MM
  • 190MM x 1.5MM
  • 216MM x 1.8MM
  • 235MM x 1.8MM
  • 250MM x 2MM
  • 305MM x 2.2MM

All of these blades are available in various cut types, including rip, general purpose, fine & extra fine.