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Weld Cleaning and Etching

Stainless steel welding cleaning is an important part of the fabrication process. Stainless steel must be passivated otherwise it can allow for rust to develop on the surface. Cougartron welding cleaning machines do this better than any other on the market! InoxPower, InoxFury, InoxMuscle and many more.. a weld cleaner to suit everyones needs. Contact us for a demonstration or to discuss your passivation needs.

Why should stainless steel welds be passivated and cleaned?

If left in their "natural uncleaned state" stainless steel weld joints can be at risk of rusting, which defeats the object of fabricating the item in stainless steel in the first place. Stainless steel weld seams can be cleaned in a traditional way, such as via abrasives, which may remove visual problem such as heat tint. However, these methods will not prevent surface rust.

Electrolytic weld cleaning both cleans and passivates the weld in one single process. Once the cleaning fluid has been brushed over with the electrical current the weld will be both clean and fully resistant to any surface rust or contamination.

How can I clean my welds?

There are many various methods to clean your welds. 

Out of these 3 process' the most effective is electrolytic weld cleaning is the fastest, safest & most cost effective (long term). Pickling paste removes a physical layer of material from the metal; it is a strong acid and poses a particularly high safety hazard to anyone applying it. It cleans the weld but an additional process is required to passivate the weld seam. Abrasive weld cleaning is fast but requires the repeated purchase of expensive specialist cleaning disc / wheels and does not passivate the weld.

What is the best brand of weld cleaning machine?

We have partnered with industry leading electrolytic weld cleaning machine manfuacturer Cougatron to bring our customers the best weld cleaners on the market.

Cougartron have a weld cleaning machine for every application. Be it occasional use on thin material or constant use on thick material, cougartron have you covered.