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Gas Welding & Cutting Straight Line Cutters

    Straight Line Cutters

    1. SWP Circle Cutting Attatchment

      SWP Circle Cutting Attatchment

      Part Number: 9505

      Excl. VAT: £35.00 Incl. VAT: £42.00
      • Circle Cutting Attatchment for 9502 Straight Line Cutter.
    2.  SWP Straight Line Cutter 1.8m steel track

      SWP Straight Line Cutter 1.8m steel track

      Part Number: 9503

      Excl. VAT: £55.83 Incl. VAT: £67.00
      •  Straight Line Cutter 1.8m steel track.
      • For 9502 Cutter.
    3.  SWP Straight Line Cutter

      SWP Straight Line Cutter

      Part Number: 9502

      Excl. VAT: £450.00 Incl. VAT: £540.00
      • Portable, automatic straight-line cutting machine available in 115v input power supply. 
      • Supplied with a 1.8m length of distortion-proof steel track (extra 1.8m lengths also available).
      • Cuts straight lines, circles (20cm-2m radius) and bevels on 5mm-50mm thick steel. 
      • Constant adjustable travel speed  in forward as well as reverse.
      • Simple design with easy-to-use interface.