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Welding Fume Extraction

See this comprehensive range of fume extraction units built to the highest standards for quality and reliability. Furthermore look at the large selection of Extraction Systems and Welding Bench Extraction tables as well as portable equipment here. Finally, removing fume from the welding environment maintains good health and is now a legal requirement by the HSE.

Welding and Fume Extraction

The welding process gives off fume and all welders face risks both short term and long term. Inhaling hazardous particles into the lungs will, in time, cause lung damage. The intensity of the fume will depend on the type of material welded.

Laws and Regulation relating to welding fume extraction!

The law requires that you must protect ALL workers from risks to health from welding fume. This is applicable to all specialist workers who do some welding. NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE AMOUNT. 

Your legal obligation to Welding Fume Extraction!

The HSE welding fume extraction guidance overview:


You can control welding related fumes by using the following measures:

The risks of over exposure to welding fume!

The risks involved depend on the materials welded, the process and coatings. Welding fumes have caused the following diseases:

  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Lung disease
  • Pneumonia
  • Problems in fertility
  • Allergies
  • Brain damage
  • Neurological Problems

How do we deal with welding fumes?

There are various forms of welding fume extraction available to you. The most effective way to remove fume is at its source. This removes most of the fume and particles before it causes issues. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) say that both LEV and REP should be used. This protects and the people in the vicinity of the welding process.

What type of welding fume extraction should I choose?

There are many types of welding fume extraction available to you. See here a list of the most popular types used within the welding industry.

LEV Calibration and Testing

Any fume extraction system that ventilates to prevent or reduce levels of airborne hazardous substances needs to have LEV Testing at least every 14 months by law. Here you can book your LEV Test.

You can book LEV Calibration and testing here.