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Gas Welding & Cutting

Welding Supplies Direct offer a huge range of gas welding & gas cutting equipment. We have an eclectic range that covers all areas of this market sector. What does our range include?

We also offer specialist gas regulators for high pressure, high flow & high purity applications.

In addition to this we also offer commonly used machinery such as portable gas pipe cutters & gas track cutting machines. These machines are commonly used in the offshore industry for pipe cutting and material preparation.

We stock and supply some of the best gas equipment brands in the world, including GasIQ, Victor Technologies, G-Tech, Parweld, Weldgas & GasArc.

Our trained service engineers can also carry out on-site CP7 gas checks to ensure you are safe as well as compliant; contact our sales team to discuss today.

Frequently asked questions regarding gas welding & cutting equipment

Can I weld metal with Oxygen & Propane?

Unfortunately not, the mixture of oxygen and propane will not get material such as steel up to the correct temperature to weld. However, you can use oxygen / propane to cut through metals.

Do I need flashback arrestors when welding or cutting with gas?

Yes, flashback arrestors are of the utmost importance when cutting or welding with oxy/fuel. If a flashback occurs then flashback arrestors ensure the users safety which should always be at the forefront of the users mind when utilising these processes.

How often should I replace my gas welding or cutting equipment?

The maximum life span of any piece of gas equipment is 5 years. However, your equipment should be periodically inspected by a trained professional to ensure their suitability for use. This can be carried out by a qualified CP7 / CP47 inspector. At the very least, the user should self-inspect their equipment for any damage or wear.