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Oxford S-MIG 270 Double Pulse Separate Wire Feed MIG Welder - Dual Voltage 230V / 400V

In stock
£2,956.51 £2,463.76

*Image is for illustration purposes only - Top spec model shown*

Main features & functions 

  • Pulse MIG welding for fast high quality spatter free welds. 
  • Double pulse MIG welding for TIG like spatter free welds. 
  • Standard CV MIG/MAG welding mode for all metals. 
  • MMA (arc) welding of ell electrodes including 6010 etc. 
  • MMA built in hot start for instant arc starting. 
  • Very simple to set up & use, anyone can use it in seconds. 
  • Synergic one knob control of welding power. 
  • Adjustable arc length/wire to suit all users & applications. 
  • Adjustable inductance to control arc characteristic on MIG & pulse. 
  • Adjustable double pulse frequency for that TIG like weld! 
  • Crater filling function for that perfect finish to every weld. 
  • Adjustable pulse peak current. 
  • Reverse polarity for running gas less self shielding wire. 
  • 4 roll drive all metal system with powerful motor fitted. 
  • Dual voltage to run from a 230V single phase or three phase supply. 
  • Built in smooth arc start & wire pinch finish circuit with burnback. 
  • Automatic compensation for varying input voltages . 
  • Digital meter shows Amps/volts to allow compliance EN1090 etc. 
  • Very efficient design to minimise power consumption. 
  • Rugged reliable machines designed to keep welding for years & years.  

 Most synergic pulse machines are very complex & can be difficult to set up & use. We have completely turned this on its head, there is no computer to tackle & no software to go wrong, and these OXFORD models can be set up & used in seconds by anyone. The controls are simple & self-explanatory yet also allow you to change the arc characteristics to suit different applications if you wish. For instance you can change the inductance &/or peak current pulse to give a softer or harder arc, tweak the arc length to suit a difficult to weld job etc & true one knob infinite synergic control means fast setting for any job. 

Whilst these machines are simple in construction we have included lots of advanced features to benefit the welder. To start with there is a special arc start circuit to limit the current when the welding wire first touches the material, this guarantees the best arc start each time & helps to stop the wire arcing & sticking inside the tip so extends tip life & makes for easy reliable arc starting even on aluminium. Then at the end of each weld the wire is automatically ‘conditioned’ ready for the next weld. This means the end of the welding wire is pinched off without leaving a ball & in near perfect condition ready to weld again. 

Most pulse MIG machines don’t like welding across gaps or on dirty material they struggle to keep a stable arc. We know in the real world material preparation is often not perfect, we have developed these OXFORD machines with this in mind so they incorporate a unique circuit which keeps the machine welding smooth across gaps of a few mm & even allows you to fill holes without stopping welding! 

When used as a standard MIG/MAG machine you get superior arc characteristics over a conventional MIG machine, with a very stable arc & minimal spatter, & the infinite control means you can always achieve the exact amount of power for any job.

If you are considering a pulsed MIG welder you will find most machines on the market today are inverter based & mostly have an on board computer with software. Inverter based machines benefit from good portability so are ideal for site welding but reliability has always been the problem. The choice of pulsed MIG inverters tends to be mainly between European & USA made machines & a few low cost Far East imports. The low cost imports are never a long term solution, some fail within weeks, even the expensive EU or USA made equipment has its fair share of reliability problems & you can expect large repair bills & a short lifespan from any inverter. With inverter machines the power electronics operate at high voltage typically between 350-650V for UK input voltages. When you combine high voltage power electronics with the real world operating conditions of welding workshops that’s where the problems start. Furthermore we think computers are fine on a desk but in a dirty welding machine? More problems! 

Our Oxford hybrid chopper machines such as the S-MIG DP synergic offer the same high performance expected from a good inverter but they are still built around a rugged copper wound transformer & other heavy duty parts. The hybrid chopper technology used in these works to give you superior welding performance & the lowest power consumption. There is only one PCB fitted in these models & because the electronics are simple & operate at the welding voltage level i.e. under 80V, reliability is superb. So you can expect a really long life span, equivalent to our conventional MIG models, many times that of any inverter! 

Oxford double pulse machines can achieve close to TIG quality welds without spatter & weld quality is comparable to that produced by the leading German made machines. Our unique approach to this gives you a range of machines that are designed for a very long life, they are rugged & reliable & the high energy efficiency of these means we can give you more output for a given input which is why we can go right up to 410A on a single phase input supply. 

In addition all models are generator friendly with no risk of damage even if the generator is unstable.

Technical Specifications

  • Supply voltage - 230V Single Phase / 400V Three Phase           
  • Amperage range - 15A - 270A            
  • Duty cycle 60% @ 235A / 45% @ 195A                              
  • Fuse rating slow blow - 25A / 32A 240V / 16A 400V                
  • Total weight approx - 67KG                 
  • Wire feed system - 4 roll                
  • MIG wire range - 0.6MM -1.2MM       
  • Work lead (earth) - 3M                   
  • Mains input lead - 3M rubber        
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