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Oxyturbo Style Portable Gas Brazing and Cutting Kits

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Oxyturbo Style Portable Gas Brazing and Cutting Kits

Portable gas kits are commonly used for heating, brazing, cutting or welding of materials like steel, copper and brass. Plumbers, maintenance teams or DIY enthusiasts revere the ease of use, portability, & versatility of our Weldgas branded Oxyturbo style brazing kits.

These kits are manufactured to the highest standards by a world renowned factory, well-known for producing industry leading brands' products.

The contents of our Weldgas Pro+ Brazing and Heating Kit, part number "GAS5920", includes:

  • Mapp gas cylinder
  • Oxygen gas cylinder
  • Oxygen regulator
  • Mapp gas regulator
  • Brazing torch with on torch gas-flow adjustment to allow for precise flame control
  • High quality SBR gas supply hoses (Oxygen and Mapp gas)
  • 3 Spare tips that are precision machined for quality and long life
  • Safety shaded glasses
  • Flint lighter
  • Universal oxygen cylinder adaptor to allow the use of M12 or M10 gas cylinders


This kit is capable of achieving temperatures of up to 3000 degrees celcius, which means that whilst it is capable of brazing, heating and cutting steel, it cannot weld it.

Oxyturbo Style Gas Brazing Kit

In addition to the "flagship" Oxyturbo style brazing and heating kit, we also our easy to use WG-504 heating torch kit. This kit consist of a heating torch and a Mapp gas cylinder. The mapp gas cylinder is threaded directly on to the torch.

The heating torch has a built in spark lighter and trigger to ignite the flame. Once the flame is lit it will stay on until the trigger is released. In addition to the built in spark lighter it also has a on/off valve for the gas flow.

  • Suitable for all soldering, brazing and heating applications
  • Featuring swirl flame action which reduces brazing time by up to 40%
  • Flame lock
  • Self lighting trigger
  • Precise temperature control

Unfortunately, Weldgas are not currently producing Oxyturbo style welding kits. However, if you require such a product please let us know. We will report the demand to Weldgas which will aid in the development of this product.

Frequently asked questions about portable gas brazing and heating kits

What is Mapp Gas?

Mapp gas is a fuel gas. It is typically made up of a stabalized mixture of 3 gases. These gases are:

  1. Methylacetylene (propyne)
  2. Propadiene
  3. Propane

This is true for most Mapp gas cylinders, however, some mixtures of Mapp do not contain propane. Therefore, they are generally just a generically named version of Mapp gas.

Standard dissolved acetylene has a certain level of risk associated with its use. If it is not stored and transported correctly it can be unsafe to use. Therefore, Mapp gas is often seen as a safer alternative.

The main difference between the two fuel gases being the burning temperature. Acetylene burns at 3160 degrees celcius. Mapp gas burns at around 2925 degrees celcius.

Why can't I weld with Mapp gas?

A good question! You may have noted that Mapp gas burns at a temperature well above the melting point of steel (~1200-1300 degrees celcius). However, you still cannot weld with Mapp gas and oxygen. Why?

A flame from a Mapp gas + oxygen combination contains a higher level of Hydrogen than an oxygen + acetylene combination. Hydrogen, when introduced to metal welds, brings along with it embrittlement. This means that the weld will not be strong. When a weld is not strong it is likely to fail.